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Transplant is just the start, then come the bills, 2016

View the “Good Blood” video presented at the TFCA conference in St Louis 2015:

2015 TFCA Workshop Keynote Speaker

TFCA had an amazing and dynamic keynote speaker this year.  Visit his website for more details and to order his book:

Results of the TFC Survey 2012 – 2013

National Kidney Registry Exceeds 50,000 Twitter Followers, February 24, 2011

National Patient Advocate Foundation Calls on Arizona Leadership to Reinstate Medicaid Benefits, January 5, 2011

Cost-Related Immunosuppressive Medication Nonadherence, 2010

NKR Renal Support Newsletter Article, 2010

Understanding The Culture of Poverty, Bill Gallagher, TFCA Conference, 2009

Results of the TFC Survey 2007.

2016 TFCA Workshop

What a phenomenal year.  Everyone has worked so hard and now the workshop has come to its conclusion.  Once again, we had our largest attendance – 240.  Our membership has increased, and our exhibitors and sponsors have increased.  From the Planning committee to the Fundraising committee to the Activities committee, the engagement has been strong all year.  Our members are committed and our attendees are learning so much. We have added more social workers, more administrators and reimbursement managers, to payors and even a transplant surgeon.  Each year we look to engage more and more members of the transplant community so they can see what makes the TFC’s such an important part of our programs.

September 28, 2014

A special thanks to everyone for a wonderful workshop this year. We had an increase in attendees, 207, our highest ever. An increase in our exhibitors and sponsors and such an amazing group of speakers. I wanted to take a moment to give a few updates from the workshop and the business meeting:

  • New certificate of attendance sheets were provided to all attendees listing all the conference sessions and contact hours for each session. This enables those who need to provide a certificate of attendance to also provide educational information to their administration.
  • The TFCA website is being redesigned. More to follow in 2015
  • Election guidelines were reviewed by the election committee, discussed (no changes made), and voted on.
  • Certification committee is working to review options for certification. Some initial guidelines were reviewed and work will continue through this next year. Follow up will be provided at future business meeting to be discussed, reviewed and updated as needed.
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