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2018 UNOS Transplant Management Forum

When: April 24-26, 2018
Pre-conference April 23

Where: Renaissance Austin Hotel
Austin, TX

Call for TMF Abstracts 2018

The UNOS Transplant Management Forum will accept abstract submissions for the 2018 forum, beginning April 25, 2017. Members of the Transplant Administrators Committee will review your submission and consider it for a plenary session, concurrent session, 15-minute oral presentation, or poster presentation and award..

Access abstract submission guidelines and deadlines

Abstract Categories

  • Finance: Financial workflows, reimbursement strategies, budgeting, cost containment, or fiscal responsibility
  • QAPI and Safety: Quality initiatives, improvements in patient safety, center or OPO culture of safety, adoption of new quality methodologies, or other benchmarking/metrics
  • Regulatory: Regulations, including how they were met, including training/education requirements
  • Strategy/Marketing: Outreach, marketing, physician or customer relationships, work to extend referral base, branding, or efforts at increasing organ donation awareness
  • Clinical, Operations & Innovations: Staffing/personnel, managing workload and services, logistical projects/improvements, new clinical programs, Information Technology projects

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